Contibelt developped a revolutionary for reliable v-rope attachment without hot bonding tape

Solid steel belts can be tracked on a conveyor by several different methods. The belt can be delivered  plain, which requires some external computer controlled tracking device, or it can be furnished with v-ropes attached to its bottom side. These either ride in grooves or on the outside of the rotating drums or sheaves. Learn more about what Contibelt did to make v-ropes a reliable means of belt tracking:

Contibelt rubber v-ropes:

Different approaches to v-rope attachment:

The most economical tracking method for steel belts is to attach rubber v-ropes to the underside of the belt. These ride in v-grooved sheaves, or outside of the terminal drums. 

Most steel belt suppliers other than Contibelt use conventional hot bonding methods to attach their rubber v-ropes onto stainless steel belts. This purely adhesive attachment method offers limited resistance to mechanical and/or thermal influences and therefore frequently causes v-ropes to come loose. This again can easily lead to belt tracking problems, which significantly increase the risk of accidents.

Contibelt, in contrast, developped and patented a unique, highly reliable v-rope attachment process which we call "ConveRope". This direct vulcanization process, which does not involve any hot bonding films or tapes, creates intra-molecular cross linking between rubber v-rope and steel belt. Independent test have shown this attachment method to be up to 10 times more resistant to mechanical and thermal influences than adhesive attachment methods. Our v-rope attachment is so strong that - even when applying brute force - it is hard if not impossible to remove it from a steel belt with a pair of pliers.

Almost all steel belt users who are operating under harsh production environments are relying on our highly resistant ConveRope v-ropes. 

Sizes and dimensions of Contibelt's ConveRope v-ropes:

V-ropes come in different shapes and sizes. However, the two most common types are the US-type (c-section) v-rope and the European type v-rope (dimensions of below illustrated v-ropes are in Millimeters):

European v-rope profile by ContibeltUS (c-section) v-rope

Temperature resistance of Contibelt v-ropes:

Whereas v-ropes of other steel belt suppliers often are limited to be used at temperatures up to +80C (+176F) for limitations in the attachment process, Contibelt can offer a v-rope that is guaranteed to resist long term exposure to temperatures of up to +135C (+275F). Also, Contibelt is in the position of offering a special v-rope for low temperature applications that can withstand temperatures of as low as -50C. This temperature range is, for example, prevailing in instant coffee freeze-dryers.