How to correctly measure the position of v-ropes on belts

If you order a replacement for your existing belt equipped with v-ropes, we will need to know the exact location in which to attach our v-ropes to your new belt.

Firstly, we will need to learn whether your belt has one or two v-ropes (belts with more than two v-ropes do exist, but they will not be covered in this bulletin).

Secondly, we need information on the exact position of the v-rope(s). Your machine’s instruction manual should contain information on the location and type of v-rope profiles that can be used on your machine. Alternatively, you can measure the v-rope location on your existing steel belt following the below procedures:

Belt with one v-rope:

If you have a belt with one v-rope, it is necessary to verify its position: If it is in the centre of the belt it is quite easy. Your just have to tell us the width of the belt itself, and that you need a “centered” v-rope.

On some machines the v-rope is not located in the centre of the belt (“off-center v-rope”). This takes more precise work to measure and specify. In many cases you can measure from belt edge to center of v-rope. For further information about this topic please contact Contibelt!

Belt with two v-ropes:

If you have two v-ropes attached to your existing belt its easy to measure their position. You simply start in the centre of one v-rope and measure to the centre of the other v-rope. Please keep in mind that your existing v-rope profile may have suffered from abrasion over time, and therefore might not have the same width it had when your belt was new.


Another important detail would be what kind of v-rope your belt requires. For further information on this topic visit the article about: Types of v-ropes

If you have v-ropes that do not match the above illustration, please contact us at:

This is just a brief overview over common procedures of how to measure and verify v-rope locations. For in-depth information please contact Contibelt.